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Catherine Kovesi is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Historical Studies at the University of Melbourne where she teaches in the areas of Renaissance and Late Medieval History, with an especial focus on Italy. Together with Charles Zika, she teaches a seminar on Medieval Manuscripts and Early Print, the students of which will be contributing to the catalogue entries for this site as it undergoes further growth and development. Catherine has published widely in Italian History as well as in religious history. Her current research focus is on the discourses and cultures of consumption in Italy, and she is a founding member of the interdisciplinary Cultural History of Economies Research Hub.

Catherine’s Staff Page:

Tim Ould is currently completing his PhD on the late 16th century fresco cycle by Jacopo Zucchi in the Gallery of the Palazzo Ruspoli in Rome. He has a BA (Hons.) degree from the University of Melbourne, with a major in Fine Arts (Art History). He is also a member of the editorial committee of the online Art History journal, emaj. His role in this project is as a research assistant, coordinating administrative and practical matters including conservation and photography. He also works at the Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation as research officer.
Robyn Sloggett is Director of the Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation (CCMC). She has qualifications in Art History, Philosophy and Cultural Materials Conservation. As Director of the CCMC she manages the diverse conservation, teaching and research programs of the Centre. These programs include responsibility for the conservation of the cultural collections of the University of Melbourne and the provision of a large program for external clients. Her research interests include programs in cultural materials conservation that focus on the materials and techniques of artists (particularly in Australia and South East Asia), ethical and philosophical issues in cultural materials conservation, and the development of scientific techniques for conservation.

Robyn’s Staff Page:

Jenny Spinks is an Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Historical Studies at the University of Melbourne (2009-2012). This fellowship is part of the Australian Research Council Discovery Project ‘Reading the signs: Disaster, apocalypse and demonology in European print culture, 1450-1700’, held with Charles Zika of the University of Melbourne and Susan Broomhall of the University of Western Australia. As part of this project, Jenny and Charles are working closely with the National Gallery of Victoria on a planned exhibition of prints and books dealing with the theme of death and disaster in early modern Europe, which will include some prints from the Baillieu collection included here as part of this website.

Jenny’s Staff Page:

Charles Zika is Professorial Fellow in the School of Historical Studies at the University of Melbourne. He has published extensively on the history of early modern Europe, with a particular focus on religious and visual culture and most recently on the representation of witchcraft. Apart from the project he is pursuing with Jenny Spinks and Susan Broomhall, Charles is also currently working on a history of necromancy, ghostly appearances and the Witch of Endor in European visual culture, for which he was also awarded an Australian Research Council grant. From October 2010 to July 2011 he will be a Fellow at the Lichtenberg Kolleg, Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Goettingen.

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